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On this page you will find all the important information that facilitates the installation and operation of your OEE.Box. In the table of contents you can jump directly to the chapter relevant to you:


  1. Installation
  2. Discovery Tool
  3. Operation of the OEE.Box
    • Introduction to operation
    • Ideas
    • Groups
    • Configuration of the inputs
    • Capture options
    • Generate job when scanning
  4. Reporting-Tool
  5. Reports
  6. Live Data View
  7. Create barcodes
    • Print out barcodes
    • Alternative: Create barcodes yourself
  8. Evaluate data in Excel
    • Which add-in do I need to install?
    • How do I install the Excel add-in?
    • How do I evaluate my data with it?
  9. Evaluation
  10. Reports
  11. Scope of delivery
    • Scope of delivery
    • System requirements