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Increase your
Productivity & Efficiency with the OEE.Box

Maximize your machine utilization and minimize downtime!

We bring your complex production line data

To The Point!


The OEE.Box is a powerful tool for the digital acquisition of your machine data. With our intelligent sensors and user-friendly software, you have real-time monitoring of your production performance anytime, anywhere.

If you still record your machine efficiency and your operating data manually, the OEE.Box will inspire you!

More about the 5 components of the OEE.Box...

With the OEE.Box -

4 Steps to Digitization!

1. Connect the OEE.Box to your Machines

The OEE.Box consists of the AndinoX1, a traffic light and a barcode scanner. The Andino X1 is a small industrial PC that is connected to a clock output of your machine with a wire. This can be a signal from the machine control or a light barrier.

2. Choose the Order and/or Employee using a Barcode Scanner.

The current order is scanned in using a barcode scanner so that the OEE.Box can assign the process key figures to the respective order. In addition, the corresponding employee can also be booked in to the corresponding order via barcode.

3. The OEE.Box records your Process Data, the Traffic Light signals the Status of the Job.

In the background, the OEE.Box now records the cycles for the running order of the machine. If the signal fails to appear, the OEE.Box registers a standstill and records it with the order, the article and the reaction time from the occurrence of the error to the posting of the error in the system. The traffic light lights up red and immediately visualizes the standstill to the employees.

4. Access your Data from Anywhere.

The OEE.Box is an open system in which various interfaces (database, Excel, JSON and web view) are integrated. Thus, the collected data can be clearly evaluated and easily processed. You can access the data from anywhere via web view.

A data collection system that doesn't turn your IT on its head.

Simple Installation

The OEE.Box is simply integrated into your network via a LAN connection. This means that no additional servers are required. It is an open system in which various interfaces are integrated. In this way, the recorded data can be easily and clearly evaluated and processed. Your employees can see real-time data directly, share it and take it into account in your individual workflow.

Prebuilt reports

Use an Excel template and let the OEE.Box prefill it for you automatically. In addition, you can define your own time frame in which the OEE.Box creates PDFs independently and stores them for you.

Optionally with production line monitors

We are happy to offer you compatible hall monitors for the OEE.Box, so that your employees can keep an eye on all important key figures about the production line at all times.

Small Box - Big Impact!

Say Goodbye To...

  • Messy paperwork at the workplace
  • Time-delayed production data
  • Manual compilation of data
  • Non-transparent machine data
  • Time-consuming analyses with incorrect data records
  • Data chaos in production

We are solution-oriented!
That is why we offer you...

  • After installation we guarantee you your first own data output within 14 days!
  • We do NOT turn our solution into a complex IT project.
  • Complete solution out of the box, no need for your own hardware or software!

Your benefits for...

Increased transparency, improved efficiency, reduced errors, traceable piecework pay, training needs
  • Increased transparency
    Our OEE.Box enables the monitoring and control of processes in real time. This gives your production staff a better overview of production and allows them to react more quickly to deviations.
  • Improved efficiency
    Our OEE.Box documents the process automatically. This increases productivity and reduces costs.
  • Reduces errors
    Our OEE.Box enables trends and deviations to be identified at an early stage. In this way, errors in production can be detected and corrected at an early stage.
  • Piecework wage
    Our solution enables your employees to calculate their piecework wages accurately and transparently. Don't argue with your employees, show them the data directly, visually and for the better The best way to motivate yourself is to look at your hall monitor.
  • Training needs
    Continuous data collection enables you to identify performance drops or error rates in order to develop targeted training measures for your employees. Or to assess the quality of the induction of new employees.
Real-time monitoring, shortage origin data in context, reliable order times, less manipulative, data security
  • Real-time monitoring
    Our OEE.Box allows you to permanently monitor each scrap part at the time it is created so that you have everything in view.
  • Deficiency emergence data in context
    Through the constant digital collection of production data, you can identify trends, patterns and deviations more quickly and take countermeasures.
  • Reliable order times
    With complete, real-time monitoring, you can calculate the real ACTUAL throughput times for orders. Which offers you better planning security and customer satisfaction.
  • Less manipulative
    When recording quantities, running meters and downtimes, digital recording is more accurate and less susceptible to manipulation.
  • Data security
    Our OEE.Box is equipped with the latest security mechanisms to protect your production data from unauthorized access and data loss. You can be sure that your data is saved and protected even during power failures.
Increase in service life, optimized spare parts management, ideal time for maintenance, better communication
  • Increase in lifespan
    of machines and systems through regular, needs-based maintenance. Because you can see the quantities actually produced in the context of real ACTUAL data on disruptions.
  • Increase productivity
    Our OEE.Box enables you to automate processes and use resources more efficiently, leading to a significant increase in productivity.
  • Spare parts management
    With the data in the context of quantity and fault data, you can calculate better forecasts for wearing parts and thus act in advance and order spare parts.
  • Ideal time for maintenance
    By constantly evaluating the machine data, you can plan the optimal maintenance time for machines and systems within the production processes. So that your production does not come to a standstill and you significantly reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Better communication Increase collaboration and communication by being able to share data in real-time and make related decisions faster
Increase in productivity, increase in quality, cost savings, transparency, time savings.
  • Increase productivity
    Our OEE.Box enables you to automate processes and use resources more efficiently, leading to a significant increase in productivity.
  • Increase in quality
    Our OEE.Box allows you to closely monitor and control processes, resulting in an increase in the quality of the goods produced.
  • Cost Savings
    Our OEE.Box enable you to better manage resources and streamline operations, which can lead to significant cost savings.
  • Transparency
    Our OEE.Boxes offer you a comprehensive overview of your production processes, which leads to more transparency and better decision-making. You always have the option of calling up and analyzing production data in order to identify weak points and optimize processes.
  • Time savings
    Receive evaluations and reports within seconds, as there is no time-consuming manual compilation of complex data.

Features for every purpose

The OEE.Box is versatile and expandable. Especially important for our customers are these:

Determining the degree of utilization and OEE

Visual signals in case of standstills and malfunctions

Interfaces to Excel, JSON and more

Web interface for access from anywhere and at any time

User-friendly acquisition of operational and machine data

Real-time analyses of downtimes, cycle losses, order times, piece counts, ...

Determination of production data for the assessment of efficiency

Capacity analyses

Why go with Us?

Fast & Dynamic
As a manufacturer of IT and hardware, we can guarantee fast and secure implementation within a few days. We even network antique machines with our digital solution, so you get a real overall data picture of your production.

Strong & Sturdy
Hardware and IT come directly from a single source. We offer thoughtful design with high-quality components. The OEE.Box is "Made in Germany".

Intuitive & Simple
The OEE.Box has a first-class intuitive control so that your employees are not burdened with learning technical processes.

Efficient & Effective
Every minute of unused machine time costs money. The OEE.Box is the solution for using your machines more intelligently and increasing the productivity of your production.

Used in a wide range of

Industrial sectors

Your possibilities...

1. Test our OEE.Box
So that you don't buy a pig in a poke! Due to the quick and simple implementation, the test phase is suitable for anyone who is still undecided. You and your employees can then evaluate whether the OEE.Box is just right for you and your company.

2. Rent our OEE.Box
So that you remain economically flexible! With our rental model, you can start without any obligation and without having to invest in advance. Scale risk-free and just rent.

3. Buy our OEE.Box
Invest in your future and stay independent! Purchasing gives you full control and you may be eligible for funding opportunities. It is best to get advice on this in advance.

We offer complete price transparency!

So that you and your employees are satisfied!

See our conditions for the different models.

Check your funding options

The OEE.Box enables the digitization of your production processes, which is why it may be eligible for many companies. The best thing to do now is to get advice from your local chamber of commerce.

Current relevant funding programs:

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